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Hi I'm Anthony. I'm a freelance Houdini / FX artist near Chicago. Big Linux and self-hosting advocate. Check out my work at

Inflation is surging? Huh wonder how that happened.

So my high-efficiency washer (that is supposed to help save the environment) just broke. Repair person said don't expect more than 5-6 years out of a washer these days. Suuuuper environmentally friendly to make crap that gets replaced every 5 years.

Why is it a good idea to connect our grids into one super grid? Will ransomware suddenly stop or is it more likely that it will just spread further and cause more damage? I just don’t have faith that larger is better.

Tulsa Race Massacre CNN 

CNN is reporting the Tulsa Race Massacre happened in 2021...
How does one mess up that badly? This is still live as of Jun 01 19:34:23 2021 UTC.

I can rent 50 machines in an instant to render my work. The fun part is I don't need to see the bill until tomorrow.

Amazon should buy the Foundry and drop the price of Nuke. Just sayin'. It would help out their production side because the price of work would drop (since Nuke would then be much cheaper) OR the talent could get paid more thus resulting in better work.

Dreaming of capitalism working... Must be a Saturday in my office.

Ever lift your stand up desk and wipe half the crap off your desk accidentally?

That's how my last two weeks have been going.

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#AskMastodon #askfedi

I would like to create mood boards. Any FOSS suggestions?

More info:

I'm thinking of storing images and if possible short text notes. Pinterest is popular, but I'm searching for something open source, ideally self-hostable.

A bonus would be integration into the web browser (Firefox/Chrome). My alternative is storing images and text in directories. While this has other perks, overview suffers.

My wacom tablet was acting funny and I was looking at the settings window. I clicked to close it and my workstation restarted. Ha, fun.

It's that lovely time of year where the flowers are all out, leaves have come back, and I'm watching the mail to see if I messed up anything on my taxes.

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Vice with the Freenode dirt. I wasn't up-to-speed when the noise started and noticed several nodes go dark in Polari.

With all this ransomware news it's a good idea to check if you would survive a ransomware attack. Snapshots can save your data's life!

I don't understand how Office365 OneDrive can suck this much. Like damn.

Just remembered the laugh from Twisted Metal. So much nostalgia. Me and my bro playing Twisted Metal on our playstation... those were the days.

Car buying rant! part 2 

So I say nuts to that. They say it's hard to give 48 hours notice. How is that hard? Also, demanding it get delivered in the evening hours when the sun is going down so that I can't inspect the delivery is a red flag. So now I'm more uneasy about this whole thing. They finally said it can be delivered tomorrow. I guess we will see but now I'm pissed at Vroom and upset with the process. This car better be ok... I can't imagine what the return process looks like.

Car buying rant! 

Bought an auto from Vroom. Every step has been agony. It took 5 days to get the documents signed (even though every step of the way they said they must be signed in 24 hours). Then they say delivery may be around the 20th but they will update me with 48 hours notice. Cool. Get email at noon today, the 14th, saying the car will be here today. Then get a phone call asking if they can deliver it between 7 and 9. I have plans, so they want me to go pick it up an hour and a half away!

Sometimes owning a home is like getting a slap in the face at 4 am and then having to pay $4k for it.

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A reminder from OSHA for employers: "If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related.

It's so disappointing to set up a shot to look perfect and then you see it in motion and it's nothing special.

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