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Hi I'm Anthony. I'm a freelance Houdini / FX artist near Chicago. Big Linux and self-hosting advocate. Check out my work at

To everyone with a stock / etf based retirement plan. Don't look. ☠️

Any good hugo themes that are just a bunch of video light-boxes? Or any other static site generators for that matter? Really need to toss my wordpress install. My needs are very simple, all my videos are already hosted on s3 so I just need a frontend.

Love VOIP! It's so simple to weed out fake callers. I set up a whitelist with all the numbers in my family then I filter the rest through an IVR that requires them to press a number to get through. It has stopped 100% of the spam calls so far.

It's like right there in the menubar even... 😭

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How come you can never find a thumb drive when you need one and then find a ton once you order a new one?

Not only have I built Mac binaries for my current employer's app but now I have successfully built a Windows binary too.
I've sold out and feel dirty 😂

Amazon wants me to replace bouillon cubes with steel cut oatmeal. Seems like the AI takeover is a few years away.

Some vfx I helped with at Turncoat Pictures released a new breakdown reel.
Work In Progress Season 2!
Season 1 and 2 available on Showtime.

Finally got my copy! Movie night!
It was a lot of fun working in this one.

Microsoft Did It Again, SFC Urges Developers to Quit GitHub

There are sooo many good alternatives out there to Github.

It's hard to believe that git is free sometimes. It's very amazing.

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