Microsoft Did It Again, SFC Urges Developers to Quit GitHub

There are sooo many good alternatives out there to Github.

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@anthony there are definitely many alternatives to GitHub if all you need is somewhere to store code and collaborate around it (I've moved my projects over to GitLab and it does just fine)

But GitHub has "social" features that help me discover new projects: I can follow my favourite developers and see what new things they are interested in, etc

I don't know if it's the followers and stars features in GitHub, or if it's just the massive user base, but it's very hard to replicate the same exposure to new projects without GitHub

@jokeyrhyme Meh. These features can and should be replicated elsewhere.

@anthony I suppose this could be done via newsletters, RSS, and ActivityPub, but it wouldn't be nearly as uniform and convenient

I understand that we have to give up some amount of convenience in order to achieve decentralisation/balance, but we should be trying to make "doing the right thing" easy enough that it can become the default approach

@jokeyrhyme The convenience took time to create. If we don't have patience for an alternative non-evil way to do these things then we will be that much worse off when companies start to collapse or close down these non-core businesses.

Have a free account on github, just don't post important code there. Alls I'm sayin'

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