Autodesk is way too big. Their logo is hideous. They want everything to say autodesk now. What the ever-lovin' god is this? My clients would see this...

That new gnome 42 OSD is pretty great! No more huge volume. Saves me an extension. 💯

Between the “damn this needs to be fixed too!” house owner moments are the “I can’t believe I live here” movements of amazement.

I think I missed those few days we were feeling good about the economy.

TIL that the Foundry has an appimage for their licensing tool now. Bravo!

And this, kids, is why proprietary software is shit. Paid $1700 for this software in late 2017. They have since moved to a subscription model and it looks like they shutdown their license servers sometime in the last 2 years without notice.

What the crap is this? Comcast putting ads on their login page? Just when you think they couldn't get any crappier...

Covid data 

Oh wait, Illinois is just trash at websites? Or are they cooking the data? Here is a different page on IDPH with just percentages...

Why is it different?

Covid Data 

There is a weird disconnect I am seeing: "...they don’t work against the omicron variant that now accounts for nearly all U.S. infections..."
This is the data in Illinois: 10% of tested variants are Omicron... 90% delta.
So what's going on?

Big ole glass of ‘it ain’t the weekend yet’ energy.

Me: C-Span is great. It's amazing for following U.S. politics.

C-Span: Glad you like it. Now look at this ad.


The Characters app in Gnome is really nice! It's saved me from random duck-duck-go'ing emojis.

If your like me and you use emojis like a teenager out on the town, it's very handy.

A credit for e-bikes seems like it will persuade bike riders to start leeching off the grid instead of swaying drivers to get a bike. Not sure I understand that credit fully. Maybe lets have a credit to buy bikes?

Ever read a headline and think you are having a stroke?

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