5 military movies to watch in 2022

Wolfhound made the MilitaryTimes list of 5 military moves to watch in 2022! Can't wait to see it!

-military-times -air-force-times -army-times -navy-times -marine-corps-times -times

Wiped osx off my wife's laptop. Replaced with Fedora initially but had some problems with suspend. Wiped it again, installed Ubuntu. Perfect 💪

One less osx install in the world.

China's national debt is 7 trillion. US's national debt is 26.7 trillion. Germany: 2.3 trillion. France: 2.6 trillion. Italy: 2.5 trillion. UK: 2.2 trillion. Japan: 9 trillion.

So it seems the world is in debt to itself. Wha

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Do you want to create your own Fediverse instances?


By far the easiest way is to use a managed hosting service such as:


The hosting service does the tech stuff, but you own and run the instance.


Alternatively, you can do all the tech stuff yourself. This requires a lot more skill, but it gives you a lot more flexibility with choosing software.


Halfway between these two extremes is @yunohost, server software which lets you install your own online services extremely easily:


Once Yunohost is installed on a server, you can add and remove services yourself through a graphical interface.

Fediverse services include:


There are also many, many other services:


#Fediverse #FediTips #SelfHosting

Buying the dip like an idiot here. 🙊️

Covid data 

Oh wait, Illinois is just trash at websites? Or are they cooking the data? Here is a different page on IDPH with just percentages...

Why is it different?

Covid Data 

There is a weird disconnect I am seeing: "...they don’t work against the omicron variant that now accounts for nearly all U.S. infections..."
This is the data in Illinois: 10% of tested variants are Omicron... 90% delta.
So what's going on?

Chicago be like:
In December: "OMG, we haven't had any snow. This is a record! So terrible..."

In January: "OMG, 4 more inches of snow. This is terrible.

Welp, there goes the market. Depression incoming?

@MrDers MCE was the best back in the day. Had the commercial deleter plugin and a knock-off hp remote and everything.

In the category of "Things that are waayyy easier today than they were 15 years ago", getting live tv through a tuner on linux is so easy now. I remember MythTV and finally going with Windows Media Center Edition because I couldn't do it.

I'm concerned that all you need to be on the news these days is to be an asshole.

Rendering *light* rain is kinda hard. Finding a frame it's on for front, mid, and background is tricky.

I don't think I can take another Hilary vs Trump election. Might tear the fabric of space and time apart.

@devinprater I guess on Linux we have selinux / apparmor but those can be disabled if need be. I'm trying to build an app for a client and it runs fine from the python source but it blocks one single command used to launch another app and I don't know why. Rebuilding on a different osx version now but its frustrating.

Seems loads easier to run linux now than mac...

Mac os has gone down the tubes. Apple actively stops apps from running now. Perfect👍️

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