I really hate these butt-clentching types of delivery days.

I can't wait until I can do my local look-dev on my 3090 gpu then send it to the cloud for cheap cpu rendering. Renderman looks so promising! I'd switch today but XPU doesn't support volumes at the moment which is about half my work. My cpu isn't very fast so I think it would be hard. I'm laying down the groundwork though to add it into my pipeline!

Just had a call with a scammer that didn't know what scam he was supposed to run. What a waste of both of our time.

I'm thinking about laying the ground-work to be able to render on Google Cloud Services. Looks like you can customize your vm with different GPU's, which is cool. In theory it should be straight forward, make a vpn, connect to license server, spin up instances.... I wish OpenCue were further along and had licensing agreements.

Long way of saying I am still suspended on AWS...

I tried switching regions in AWS to get more render instances going. Account got suspended for suspicious activity. fml

AWS US East GPU instances getting hammered today? I can't get any machines. On-demand rendering fail.

I'm glad the elite could have their Met Gala this year. I was worried.

@alex Sounds like the transformer is freaking the f out. I've seen and heard electrical transfomers give up the ghost from storms and they sounded like that. It's terrifying.

It's that fun time of year when I get to play "no, really, it's just allergies". My entire face is itchy and leaky.

Do you ever get to the point in a project where you don't want more money you just want it to be finished?

It has an option for separate archives per folder and looks pretty multi-threaded. Encryption, every format you could want. Where have you been all my life!

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Wow, just started using PeaZip instead of the built in FileRoller. Damn its fast and has a lot of great features!

@HumansAreFree The paper, papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf, is only about delta vs older variants. Not vaccinated vs un-vaccinated. The conclusion that is being made by publications is that since there was no vaccine back then that the viral load is higher because of the vaccine but its because Delta has a higher viral load in general. Not trying to be a jerk or anything but wrong is wrong either way. 👍

I feel very very bad for anyone named Karen. They really got screwed over.

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What are some good #homeassistant integrations that use online services only? I don't have many network/automation devices.

There seems to be two different worlds here. In A, people are afraid of getting Covid from someone in a grocery store. In B, people are standing shoulder to shoulder in a line for over an hour to ride on an amusement park ride with no masks. No mass outbreaks from group B, but how?

Logically, if we charge non-vaccinated people more for health insurance we should also charge more for obese people, smokers, and alcoholics. All preventable that increase your risk of longer hospital time. Just sayin.... 😷

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