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"K's grammar is divided into two components: the outer syntax of K and the inner syntax of K."

*needle drop*
You may be wondering how I ended up here...

It's one of those days where you really shouldn't look at your investments...

I haven't had a work lunch out with coworkers / friends in over 2 years. Really starting to miss it.

Pandas is really great. Also this NK (foundry Nuke) parsing library is a time-saver:

Big ole glass of ‘it ain’t the weekend yet’ energy.

Running virtualized MacOS brings back memories of when I was a kid trying to get (maybe) Jaguar or Panther running via Pear.

Me: C-Span is great. It's amazing for following U.S. politics.

C-Span: Glad you like it. Now look at this ad.


ASMR videos are a sign of the ending of humanity.

Didn't make it. Welp I don't need velocity I guess... just toss that out.

😬 Watching the gpu sim bounce off of 23 gb at 90% done....

"The most powerful line from Biden's speech" = "You can't love your country only when you win."

Pretty rich coming from the side where a segment of the people literally do not like their country at all.
Politics needs to calm the F down on both sides.

Blue is not the enemy of Red. Red is not the enemy of Blue.

@roundy Canceled our MSI membership. Surprised I got a refund. Done with the city and Cook county.

I no longer have the best Nvidia card? noooooooooooo000000000000000000000000000000000

Oh, it's only slightly better, pfft. Good luck buying anything these days too.

@fatboy We had 8 days without power in 2020. I enjoyed being able to go get gas to fill my generator...

If you are using GMail for business consider switching to ProtonMail. Don't trust your business data to Google.

@obsolete29 I've been meaning to send Mozilla money so I just did thanks to your toot. Thanks! 🤘

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