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Am I the only one that is miffed about places handing out free donuts and alcohol if you got the vaccine? Like screw eating right and treating my body with respect, I'll just get the vaccine and keep on killing myself. Feels typically human.

Websites that don't let you copy and paste new passwords but rather force you to retype don't understand security. Looking at you Xfinity.... Also, why have a custom TOTP app? Makes no damn sense.

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One of the 9 year old's homeschool assignments for today is to create a meal plan for under $30 for our family of five for the day. Using the grocery store apps with current pricing, he's completed the list.

Know what we're having?

Diabetes. We're all having diabetes. 😂

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Watch update in real time with podping watcher

Humans have a very long history of getting things wrong. But not today, today we can all agree that we have it all figured out... finally.

My favorite quote from CNN today on the CDC website changes: "...avoid getting exposed on your mucus membranes..."

I don't know about you all but I always hate when my mucus membranes get exposed on.

Some days I just feel like having a fight on the internet... A good reason to stay away from everything.

Thinking in loops is the beginning of the end.

Just had a client clear an invoice that was past due 502 days... feels good to have that off the books!

Do I need door sensors in my house? No. Do I want to buy 6 of them? Yes.

Home Assistant is a hell of a drug man.

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MNT Reform; The open source DIY laptop for hacking, customization, & privacy - MNT Research GMTH @ Crowd Supply:

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Need some advice. No free tech and services. 

I've got Volumio on a Pi with my music on the NAS. Wife doesn't own music so she wants to stream. Thinking of going with Tidal because she can use her phone to control.

Any thoughts on Tidal?
Is there a better solution (with a DAC hat) for the Pi?

I'd like to stick to open source and don't mind paying for any software.

She tries to use bluetooth from her phone but it cuts out and phones calls.....

"Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts"
- Richard Feynman

Love me some Inkscape. Stickin' it to the man (Adobe).

Fedora 34 final is a go! Time to update my ansible playbooks in preparation for reinstall. 👏

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A huge archive of freely available art history courses that were originally curated by Boundless, including quiz files, lecture slides, and EPUBs.

Want to learn about Romanesque art, Africa in the modern period, or maybe a little about art in Japan after 1333CE? Dive in :D

#MastoArt #ArtHistory #ArtReference #learning

Google is becoming a prerequisite to get a public education and it upsets me to no end.

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