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Using Protonmail? Try the ElectonMail client. Stores your messages locally so you can search them and encrypts that local data. Pretty nice little window into Protonmail!

High-level updates from ASWF on their open-source projects:

Excited to hear about a review and playback initiative being worked on. Also OpenCue is working on DCC and third party service initiatives. Really cool stuff!

So CentOS Stream 9 will have Gnome 40 and the same kernel as Fedora 34? That's interesting as a workstation but also, what would make it different from Fedora then?

No matter how many times I see it I always equate something "getting dropped" to killing the project instead of being released. Am I too old now?

Looks like you still can use Linux according to their requirements page...

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Adobe Releases New Substance 3d Tool Collection

Does this mean no more Linux support for Substance?

CNN prime day breaking news 

The fact that CNN has a whole section on Amazon's prime day deals next to "News and Buzz" I think sums up why you shouldn't put too much stock in what they publish.

news outlet severe weather rant 

Could news places stop with the headlines like "7 million under threat from deadly tornadoes and other storms". Like, yeah, it's summer and storms happen. It's like they want you to think 7 million people may die today.

Inflation is surging? Huh wonder how that happened.

So my high-efficiency washer (that is supposed to help save the environment) just broke. Repair person said don't expect more than 5-6 years out of a washer these days. Suuuuper environmentally friendly to make crap that gets replaced every 5 years.

Why is it a good idea to connect our grids into one super grid? Will ransomware suddenly stop or is it more likely that it will just spread further and cause more damage? I just don’t have faith that larger is better.

Tulsa Race Massacre CNN 

CNN is reporting the Tulsa Race Massacre happened in 2021...
How does one mess up that badly? This is still live as of Jun 01 19:34:23 2021 UTC.

I can rent 50 machines in an instant to render my work. The fun part is I don't need to see the bill until tomorrow.

Amazon should buy the Foundry and drop the price of Nuke. Just sayin'. It would help out their production side because the price of work would drop (since Nuke would then be much cheaper) OR the talent could get paid more thus resulting in better work.

Dreaming of capitalism working... Must be a Saturday in my office.

Ever lift your stand up desk and wipe half the crap off your desk accidentally?

That's how my last two weeks have been going.

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#AskMastodon #askfedi

I would like to create mood boards. Any FOSS suggestions?

More info:

I'm thinking of storing images and if possible short text notes. Pinterest is popular, but I'm searching for something open source, ideally self-hostable.

A bonus would be integration into the web browser (Firefox/Chrome). My alternative is storing images and text in directories. While this has other perks, overview suffers.

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