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Good reminder that if you use any biometrics to secure your device a judge can force you to unlock it (in the US at least):

Always use a password and encrypt.

Me looking for the Home folder on Windows 😕

I've been really enjoying the new Firefox ( 89 for me). I really like the new design and the built-in pdf printer is much nicer. I've been off of Chrome for 4 or 5 years now and don't miss it at all. There are choices.

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I got a year + of Netflix free from a professional group I'm a part of. I haven't had Netflix in maybe 4 years. Does the auto-starting of everything bother anyone else? Like how do I just surf around without having everything start playing? Can I disable it somewhere?

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hate messages 

All I see around me are messages of hate. If you want someone to see your side of something maybe you should try to not call them hitler within 15 seconds of talking to them. This goes for both sides.

Drug Overdoses 

93,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2020 in the US. Big pharma is fine though... really great leaders.

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Just ban WhatsApp... Easy.

Controversial WhatsApp policy change hit with consumer law complaint in Europe – TechCrunch

Call me emotional but if a song has random quotes from a semi recent philosopher I love it.

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Also funny is that is now in charge of IRS logins.

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So id.ME won't let me register with a .ME email. That right there is funny.

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Begging for donations 🙄 

I was catching up on Linux Unplugged and heard that they are down a sponsor and are trying to build their contributor base instead of promoting shave products and underwear. I myself have learned so much from their podcasts over the last 10 years and would really like them to continue their content gainfully. So if you enjoy them too, please consider being a member. If you haven't heard of it, give it a listen. Thanks!

If a news article doesn't link to the research article they are talking about we should, collectively as a people, ignore that article.

Jupiter’s Legacy: VFX Breakdown by Important Looking Pirates · The Art of VFX

Amazing ocean shots!

Uh oh. I just figured out the setup for sharing my FreshRSS feeds on here. Massive amount of news and break-downs coming from my account soon!

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