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You haven't lived if you never connected to an h3c 5800g switch via a console cable. 💯

We should take all the senator's investments and make an ETF out of them. Their corruption could be our profit!

I have a very out of date Fedora 31 install. I wonder if it will survive an upgrade to 35? Only one way to find out...

I just applied Sweet Baby Ray’s to my vegan ribs. Thought of the Zuck.

Just restored a set of renders that I had accidentally overwrote this afternoon on ZFS. My hourly snapshots have finally saved me :). And its as simple as going into the .zfs folder - amazing.

Bought another server on a whim... 4 bay r320 on ebay for $68. Looking forward to popping it in my rack... sounds dirty

You know what's amazing... when a bug in my stack causes my virtual machine to have a system clock set 5 hours in the past which causes my whole deadline render infrastructure on AWS to error. Then I spend ungodly amounts of time trying to fix it.

And that leads me to buying a new server so I can run a handful of vm's the proper way, on linux and not rely on my file server.

Finally rendering my first USD render on Deadline using Karma XPU. Boy, do I have a lot to learn!

Finally bought a shelly 1L so my old ass house can get some smarts.

Never got the right click fixed. I had to pull a mouse from another workstation. So now I guess my Windows install is broken? Nuke it from orbit.....

Booted into Windows to update an animation in AE this morning. Pen right click stopped working. Fix is to reinstall driver. Reinstalling driver needs to reboot Windows.

Fuck I hate Windows. My pen works just fine and always has on Fedora.

"...posted a photoshopped anime video to his Twitter..."



Hey, remember when everyone said you shouldn't use plastic straws anymore...

"As of August 23, 2021, the total excess MMPW generated during the pandemic is calculated as 4.4 to 15.1 million tons"


RHEL 9 with gnome 40 is making me wonder if I should hop from Fedora.

Hetzner now has a US data center available? Neato

If you think we are living in a crazy time just remember that people would take trains and crash them for an audience.

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