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BorisFX's Mocha Pro had some problems running on Linux last year but I'm happy to say I tried again and not one single issue. Bravo! Really nice to see they still are in the game! And they can now take my money.

State government has a social media toolkit for vaccinations:

Am I the only one that finds this creepy?

People: We need to be careful not to use language that would be harmful to minorities, etc.

Advertising and stock agencies: "Mixed race man in glowing glasses dancing..."

A credit for e-bikes seems like it will persuade bike riders to start leeching off the grid instead of swaying drivers to get a bike. Not sure I understand that credit fully. Maybe lets have a credit to buy bikes?

Why would you have your watermarked video start at a different point than the purchased video? Thanks Shutterstock, something that should have been 2 minutes is now an hour.

Ever read a headline and think you are having a stroke?

I guess I can do it with {% raw %}. Is there a better way though?

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Is there anyway to use Jinja2 if the template file has {{ in it that doesn't get replaced? Trying to use a Nuke file as a template and there are native (non-replacement) "{{" all over the place.

"We're not good at dealing with global crises as a world -- we don't really have the infrastructure, or leadership, or accountability," she added.

If this were a perfect world maybe we could have a world government but I can't even imagine what kind of corruption and BS would occur with that much power. At least if you have smaller governments there is a mechanism to stop bad things from happening, in theory.

Getting that feeling... time to start rewatching Battlestar Galactica.

If you still have any faith left in humanity, take a little visit to Reddit. What a cesspool.

"She added that vaccinated people will lose their vaccination status nine months after getting their last shot, apparently in an effort to encourage booster uptake."
So this is the future. Super

Firefox containers can now route through Mozilla VPN automatically?

That is cool. I hope they open that up so I can use my own :)

jesus christ.... trying to troubleshoot why I lose control of windows underneath top foreground windows on Windows. 😩

Guessing its a Adobe + Nvidia bug but damn.

On a whim I was looking for an eq for linux / pipewire. Found EasyEffects:
Pretty fun to play with and I got that extra bass I was looking for.

I've replaced all my old os.path code with pathlib now. So much cleaner. iterdir, name, and stem are my new favorite things.

Loving me some Pathlib today. Glad I'm finally transitioning to python3.

Say what you will about the loading times of flatpak apps but 9/10 if there is something I want to install, it's there and up-to-date. It's real nice.

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