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Am I the only one that dislikes the Fedora 36 default wallpaper?

I can't be the only one that thinks 2016 was last year, right?

This reddit thread is my spirit animal:

The comment section with all the people from those other countries is just plain funny.
I'd like to see free healthcare in the US as much as the next person but if Covid has shown me anything its that the government will f it up. 😩

Anyone know how to launch an app from inside a PySide2 app made with py2app on mac? I'm trying to make it work with qprocess().start('python3', [''] but it's not launching via the Works fine when launching via python. Bleh

TIL that the Foundry has an appimage for their licensing tool now. Bravo!

For the first time in my life I think I am really understanding Regex.
It's terrifying. Am I a robot now?

I installed PopOS for the first time because I wanted Ubuntu but like PopShell. Installed the LTS thinking it has the same support as Ubuntu, EOL 2025. Nope EOL is like now for PopOS 20.04 LTS... Ugh.
Back to a RHEL clone for me. Alma was my original choice so I'm just going that way. EOL 2029... nice. Pain in the ass to get running though, ha.

I know it's my own fault but paying income taxes and quarterly taxes on the same day hurts.

And this, kids, is why proprietary software is shit. Paid $1700 for this software in late 2017. They have since moved to a subscription model and it looks like they shutdown their license servers sometime in the last 2 years without notice.

Should I move to an Ecobee lite 3 for home assistant to replace my Nest?

Just started reading Klaus Schwab's "4th Industrial Revolution". So far it reads like a rich person got an apple watch for christmas.

Mozilla Teams with ILM on ‘Extended Color Management’ Firefox Extension · VFXWorld Magazine

Kinda neat

I demand the Hula Burger!
"Ray Kroc was among the skeptics. Plus, he already had plans for his own meat-free “Hula Burger,” consisting of a slice of grilled pineapple and cheese."

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Facebook, please die already.

Facebook drives sceptics towards climate denial

I bought a Ubuiti Dream Machine Pro. I feel a little dirty... like I just bought a mac. Maybe it's cause it looks shiny.

Upgrading from an edgerouter. Next up is to get some use out of my switch's SFP+ 10g ports. It's going to be an expensive network year.

I did NOT see my stock portfolio taking an upward swing at all this month. Should have bought more dip... f. Congrats to everyone that played the option markets well!

Anyone ever use tkinter._splitdict(tk, inputTCLscript)?
It makes a dictionary but stops at the first key value set. My input has a lot of the same keys. How would I deal with that?

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