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Neighbor's dog just ran across the street and stared down my dog. Those electric fence collars work about 90% of the time. I had to wave down cars to slow down so they didn't hit the dog. Finally got them to stay in their yard after yelling like a lunatic.

Instead of the US IRS hiring a 3rd party to do some bs verification of ID's, why not just move to a private / public keypair? Makes way more sense then "Send a picture of your ID so we can verify it's you".

I hate to say it but I find Discord communities to be a bit annoying. I seem to get hit with the @everyone tag (or whatever) a decent amount and it never is anything important.

I have now 4 versions of osx on my linux install. fml

I think I missed those few days we were feeling good about the economy.

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Both sides of US politics seem to want to ban books. They have different reasons but they both want certain books gone. Good times we are living in...

Just trying to get the libraries I need to package a python app on the mac has been like pulling teeth. Linux is light years ahead.

Why does it take an hour to build curl on the mac? Why isn't curl included on the mac?


Getting close to my 2nd battery replacement on my iphone 6s. Might call it quits after that. Or not, we will see.

Swearing and frustration venting about problem solving. 

Spent most of the day trying to unfuck something I fucked up earlier. Now that it's unfucked, it's time to try to optimize it and possibly fuck it up again.

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Alright, time to see if Mastodon can do the midst important part of social media: crowdsourcing answers to dumb questions

My ten year old wants a game to couch co-op with me. Something pokemonesque would be ideal, something low on boobs and blood is essential.

My boy got upset at the T&A in Digimon: cybersleuth. We're looking at probably aroace kid whose primary passions involve Minecraft. I cannot play Minecraft to save my life.

Responses/boosts appreciated!!

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If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

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